5 Best Home Decor Ideas


Home isn’t  just four walls, it is the place where our lives revolve around and we live with our loved ones. We all want our homes to be not just comfortable but also beautiful. Adding small touches here and there can add a lot of beauty to a home. You can start by taking a good look around your home and thinking about how you can make every big and small space stand out more with home decor options such as impressive paintings, elegant vases, lovely furniture, and more. Home decor enables you to set up the environment you want.

Home decor ideas

1. Moon Lamp With Wooden Stand

The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol, it brings you luck and happiness. This realistic looking moon lamp has been made to look like the moon using advanced terrestrial mapping. Whether you like it warm or cool, this Moon Lamp gives you a choice to light it up in any color that you like. Simply, touch and change the colour and intensity which best suits your mood. This Moon Lamp comes with a wooden stand that looks spectacular and comes with an in-built battery that lasts for days after a full charge.

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2. Sitting Buddha Monk Showpiece (Set of 3)

Buddha is said to be the God of health and prosperity. Buddha sculptures are said to lend great energy in your homes which is relaxing, soothing, and comforting. This set of sculptures includes three Buddha showpieces. These sculptures are considered lucky if placed facing the door. It provides spiritual growth and brings positive energy to your place. You can buy from

3. Wooden Mozaic Wall Shelf        

Made from engineered wood, this interesting mosaic shelf will look great in your home or office. Featuring an intricate design, this shelf is sure to change the look of your interiors. You can use these classy and modern shelves to place magazines, books, photo frames, and small decorative items. You can easily buy it on

4. Wind chimes

Wind chimes are known to bring in positive energy at home. These are used for home decoration, particularly hanging on the door, the windows, hanging in the room or you can hang anywhere. Wind chimes bring great soothing and pleasing sound. Buy it on

5. Wall Mirrors

Mirrors have been used for a very long time to see one’s reflection. Every day we wake up, get ready, and see ourselves in the mirror. But the purpose of a wall mirror isn’t just limited to showing our reflections anymore; it also serves as a beautiful piece that enhances your home decor. Many people hang decorative mirrors to beautify an empty, dull wall. These wall mirrors have intricate patterns and designs engraved or carved on them, making them a piece of art. Buy it on

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